Your Dedicated Knowledge Map

Get your own knowledge map and organize and better manage your personal or your organization’s knowledge. You will have a dedicated subsite where you see your knowledge and visually search through it. Here are examples of knowledge maps. The map can be public or private.

Some of the benefits

  • See your knowledge – not only your areas but also the relations you see between areas and bits of knowledge.
  • Communicate your knowledge – allow others to see the knowledge you have gathered and the connections within it that you have made in your head.
  • Organize your knowledge – no separate folders, categories or hierarchies. Organize in a way similar to how the brain organizes information. Then search for things visually in your knowledge map.
  • Give someone a glimpse into your mind – let them see your interests or expertise by sending them your knowledge map.
  • Automated adding of Resources and notes to your map.

Some more use cases of a knowledge map

  • See where you are spending your research time and use that insight to direct your research time more strategically.
  • See, explore and investigate situations and their internal structure and interrelationships (a legal case, a medical case, a scientific or technological problem).
  • Convey an organized set of information on a given topic (e.g. your work or research in an area, especially if interdisciplinary).
  • A replacement (or addition) system for bookmarks which utilizes current neuroscience insights about knowledge organization.
  • And many more…

The site serves as a collective map of humanity’s knowledge, whereas your subsite will be your own knowledge map. You will additionally be able to copy items from your knowledge map to the collective one, and vice-versa.

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