For two years now, we have been using SiteGround's hosting services and found them one of the best. Here are a few highlights and strong reasons why we prefer them:
  • They send all outgoing email through an email server cluster. This means that when you send emails to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc., your emails will likely go to people's inboxes, not their Spam folders.
  • They integrate with CloudFlare. This makes it possible for your website's static content (html, css, javascript, images) to be distributed to servers all around the world and to be delivered from the server that is closest to the visitor.
  • They integrate with Let's Encrypt. This means that you can get as many free SSL certificates as you want, and it literally takes one click to make your sites support HTTPS.
  • They provide 4 levels of caching: Static (html, css, javascript, images), Dynamic (pages generated by PHP or similar languages), Memcached (caching of frequent database queries) and HHVM (a technology developed by Facebook that speeds up PHP). You can alternatively use Google's PageSpeed. How many levels of caching you get varies per the plan you choose.
  • They have developed their own unique security solution for shared hosting accounts. Due to their account isolation, if one of the accounts on the server gets compromised, the compromise will not get carried over to the other accounts.
  • They have very fast and, most importantly, competent support. It saves so much time when you can turn to highly technical people who can solve your problems.
We are most impressed with their service. During the 2+ years we've been using SiteGround, we were surprised to see that they are continuously adding new valuable features (at no additional cost) and keep providing the latest versions of underlying technologies like PHP and MySQL. You can check out SiteGround by clicking on the button below.
Full Disclosure: if you purchase SiteGround hosting through the links here, we will get an affiliate commission. This however will not increase the cost for you and it will help develop further.